Are any of meeth’s products tested on animals?
No, we do not test on animals.

Are there any skin types that are not suitable for use with meeth products?
meeth products can be used with all skin types, and the regularity of use can be adjusted according to skin condition.


Can MORERICH SMOOTHCLEANS remove waterproof mascara?
MORERICH SMOOTHCLEANS is designed to easily remove even our CEO Sonmi’s thick red lipstick, but some waterproof mascara may be difficult to remove.
In that case, please use a specific make-up remover together with the cleanser.

Do I need to emulsify MORERICH SMOOTHCLEANS before rinsing?
No, the cleanser does not contain oil and therefore does not need to be emulsified.

Do I need to wash my face after using MORERICH SMOOTHCLEANS?
meeth recommends using a facial cleanser after MORERICH SMOOTHCLEANS to double-cleanse your face.
We believe cleansing and washing your face to remove makeup and pore dirt from your skin, and then moisturizing your face to help improve skin problems.

Is it better to use MORERICH SMOOTHCLEANS after taking a bath in the bathtub to open the pores?
It is recommended to use MORERICH SMOOTHCLEANS on dry hands and face before taking a bath.

What is the reason why MORERICH SMOOTHCLEANS does not irritate the eyes? What are the ingredients that do not irritate the eyes?
Surfactant is the reason why cleansers are irritating to the eyes. meeth’s MORERICH SMOOTHCLEANS is formulated with a low irritant surfactant derived from coconut oil to prevent your skin from being irritated.
All ingredients are listed under the ingredient name (label name) of PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate.

When can I use the MORERICH PACK? I have a baby, so I don’t have much time.
You can use the MORERICH PACK in the morning or at night.
If you use it in the morning, the effect will not be diminished.
If you don’t have time to apply the pack right after bathing or washing your face, you can first apply skincare products and rinse it off with water afterwards before using the MORERICH PACK.
Please use it when it is convenient for you.

A recent article said that sodium bicarbonate is slightly alkaline and continuous use can damage the skin’s weak acidic protective film. Does this mean I shouldn’t use the Morerich Pack regularly?
The Morerich Pack contains carbon dioxide (CO2), not bicarbonate (HCO3-), which is slightly acidic. Therefore, it is safe for regular use.

Other carbonated facial mask products are also on the market, but does meeth use the carbonated bubble ingredient patented by Kobe University? Are there any differences in the quality of the carbon dioxide bubbles?
meeth uses the carbon dioxide bubble ingredient patented by Kobe University. While there are many carbon dioxide packs on the market, carbon dioxide packs and gaseous carbon dioxide packs are different and have distinct effects. The Morerich Pack is a gaseous carbon dioxide pack.

Carbonic acid packs can only be manufactured in a factory in Chiba Prefecture, and the manufacturing process is patented. Does this patent refer to the gel? Does the factory have ISO certification?
meeth has obtained a patented ingredient called Lactone, which reacts with the water in the gel to generate its own gaseous carbon dioxide. The factory in Chiba Prefecture where this product is manufactured is ISO certified.

Can I use RELEVIEWLASH on my eyebrows as well?
Also, is it better to apply it along my lash line?
If it gets into my eyes, is it okay to leave it there?
Can I use it on my 7-year-old child?
RELEVIEWLASH can be used on eyebrows without any problems.
Apply from the base of the lashes.
If it gets into the eyes, please rinse with water.
Although there are no ingredients in the product that are harmful to children, we do not recommend the use of RELEVIEWLASH on children because we cannot ensure their ability to apply it properly and rubbing their eyes after application may cause irritation.

If I apply RELEVIEWLASH from the lash line, does that mean I have to apply it to the skin as well?
Just like mascara, please apply it starting just behind the lash line.
Some eyelash serums, such as the brush type, can be applied to the skin at the lash line, but our RELEVIEWLASH is a mascara type, so there is no need to consciously apply it to the skin.
Even if it gets on your skin, there is no particular concern.

I bought RELEVIEWLASH, but I feel like there is nothing attached to my eyelashes.
RELEVIEWLASH is available in a 3ml bottle to prevent dripping and ensure that the product is used up hygienically in two months.
The wand is large, so you may feel that there is no liquid on it. If you think that you are not getting enough liquid on the wand, try twisting the wand around in the tube to apply the serum.

When should I use RELEVIEWLASH?
Please use it once in the morning and once in the evening after washing your face.
Be careful not to get it in your eyes, and apply it gently to the upper and lower lashes along the entire lash line without rubbing.

Can I use RELEVIEWLASH even if I have eyelash extensions or eyelash perms?
You can use it without any problem. If you have eyelash extensions, we recommend applying RELEVIEWLASH at least 12 hours after you put on the extensions.

Can I use & SKIN OIL in the morning?
& SKIN OIL can be used during the day. Please apply sunscreen after applying the oil.

Can I use & SKIN OIL with eyelash extensions?
& SKIN OIL is formulated with natural oil and does not contain any mineral oil and surfactants, etc. It can be used with eyelash extensions.
However, not all eyelash glues are compatible with various types of oil.
If you are concerned, please avoid using it around your eyes.

Please tell me how to clean the scalp with & SKIN OIL
When you take a bath, keep your hair dry. Add 1 dropper of & SKIN OIL to your scalp and massage lightly and slowly.
Soak in the bathtub for about 15 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo as usual.

If I don’t mix & SKIN OIL with the cream, should I use it before or after applying the cream?
If you are using both cream and & SKIN OIL, it is recommended to mix them together. Mix 1~2 drops of & SKIN OIL with the cream.
However, meeth does not recommend using & SKIN OIL with cream to avoid greasiness. It may depend on the condition of your skin, but we think that only using & SKIN OIL or cream is enough.

Does the TWELEMENT DAY CREAM offer any UV protection?
The product does not support UV protection. Please use sunscreen.


I went to the dermatologist because I had eczema after I started using the SKINCARE SET +1, and the doctor said it might be temporary irritant contact dermatitis. I’ve heard that meeth is safe for sensitive skin, so I started using it; but is it possible to show some symptoms depending on each user’s constitution?
Primary irritant contact dermatitis is generally caused by a change in physical condition, and the inflammation should stop soon. However, if it continues, there may be another cause.
If you are instructed by your doctor to discontinue the product, please do so immediately.
All of our products are formulated to be gentle to the skin, so they can be used by people with sensitive skin.
In particular, our MORERICH ESSENTIAL LOTION is widely used by small children, the elderly, and people with sensitive or atopic skin.
Many people have told us that it has improved their children’s eczema and atopic skin conditions.
Please note, however, that not all products are suitable for everyone’s skin as there are individual differences in skin compatibility.

I wanted to avoid whitening and acidic products. Are there any products that containing acids and whitening ingredients, such as mandelic acid, salicylic acid, fruit acid, or retinoic acid?
There are no products that contain the above acids. Regarding whitening ingredients, it is difficult to confirm how many whitening ingredients are available in the market, but there are no products that contain ingredients that could cause problems after the use of aesthetic medicine.
In regards to the MORERICH PACK, the ingredients are safe to use. If it is a peel-off mask, and you have a scab, there may be some treatments that you should refrain from using. Please consult your doctor.

Are there any products that are not recommended to be used together, such as mandelic acid, fruit acids, and other acidic products?
Acidic products should not be applied just before using the Morerich Pack. Such products can be administered after using the Morerich Pack.

Are meeth products suitable for use before and after cosmetic medical treatments?
meeth products can be used before cosmetic medical treatments. However, it is recommended to wait until any scabs or surgical scars from the treatments or procedures are fully healed before using the products. In this situation, please consult your doctor before using.