7-Day Skincare Challenge For Glowing Skin

7-Day Skincare Challenge For Glowing Skin

7-Day Skincare Challenge For Glowing Skin

Minimal as our products look, the real soul of meeth lies in the complexity of our formulas.

The essence of meeth unveiled in each item we produce can be found in our reinvented formulas crafted by meeth’s soul, Sonmi. In line with the J-beauty regimen and a minimalistic look, meeth’s creations focus on the essential elements of a skincare routine. Our ingredients are carefully selected for their effectiveness, and our formulas are grounded in research that makes the most of their combined strengths. This is how we bring the concept of “less is more” to life and create profound change. Here, we introduce the 7-Day Skin Routine Set with four simple steps to cultivate a perfect skincare routine.

Foaming Facial Cleanser

Healthy skin starts with cleansing, an essential first step in a skincare ritual. Foaming Facial Cleanser can easily lather up into a fluffy, delicious foam with millions of small bubbles that  deep clean your skin without scrubbing. Formulated with glacial clay from British Columbia, Canada, it effectively absorbs dirt from pores and detoxes the skin all at once.

Apart from gently removing grime and daily buildup, meeth added saccharide isomerate to combat the tightness after cleansing. It is a 100% naturally derived plant extract with a unique binding property to lock in moisture instantly. Just lather up and enjoy!

Morerich Essential Lotion

Being the first product created by Sonmi, this is her must-have item in a skincare routine. Every day, she applies the lotion three times after cleansing, letting it soak in for upwards of two minutes each time before the next application.

She revealed the brilliant idea behind this mineral-rich lotion, a great formula with highest quality water, in an interview. To search for the purest water, Sonmi traveled throughout Japan until she discovered Iwanai’s deep sea water off the coast of Hokkaido. She only chose ingredients that are potent in essence but still soluble in water and turned it into a holy grail lotion. This potent blend of 15 different types of luxurious ingredients, such as collagen, saccharide Isomerate, and other plant extracts has won the hearts of thousands of customers to become meeth’s flagship product. Moreirch Essential Lotion makes your skin glow like a diamond in the ocean.

Twelement Day Cream

meeth uses ingredients in much greater numbers than most other products in the market and uses each one with a specific purpose and goal. Twelement Day Cream is a great example of this. With over 12 powerful ingredients inside, it is like finding a rare treasure in the ocean. 

The active ingredients, such as argireline, passion fruit extract and α-arbutin harmoniously  combine to enhance skin vitality, elasticity, and radiance. From lift-up, firmness, and hydration to brightening and replenishment at all levels, Twelement Day Cream is suitable for mature skin and can also be used as an eye cream. 

F Bright UV Base

To extend care throughout the day, F Bright UV Base can be used with Twelement Day Cream for better protection.  It is a makeup base packed with antioxidants and fullerenes, along with SPF 44 PA+++ protection to ensure your skin is fully shielded from UVA and UVB rays and blue-light at all times. F Bright UV Base is a perfect fusion of sunscreen and light foundation that can safely be used 365 days of the year!



The simplicity of meeth’s creation is timeless. Enlightened by Japanese sensibility and beauty practices, meeth has “less” product in a routine but “more” powerhouse ingredients and dedication in every single item we formulate. In seven days, your beautiful skin will soon be unveiled before your eyes. 

“Try Us For Seven Days. We Know You Will Love meeth.”



The First-Ever meeth Store In The World At Plaza Singapura
The First-Ever meeth Store In The World At Plaza Singapura
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